Saturday, April 28, 2012

My new thing will be suitcases....

Oh man...I have really been M.I.A.!  So sorry....I have been working around 70hrs a week, getting ready to run a half marathon tomorrow at the Eugene Marathon, and trying to keep a house, which has been quite interesting!

Nonetheless, I have been thinking about taking a week off of work after the primary election is done.  And during that time off, I want to do some serious house/yard overhauls.  Thus, I wanted to share one of the things I think I want to do to be wonderful decorations, as well as storage/organization pieces.


I have not had much time to go scouting, but will be soon....and here are some wonderful ideas I found...

How cute is this?  And how about this?

I found both of these, and other cool suitcase and trunk storage at Lavender and Ash's post here.

I also found this one....soooo cute!

Over at WhiMSy love, she made this super, duper cute tea set, all embellished in a cute suitcase!

Not sure I need this one, but maybe when I get my own house I'd want to try this out!  

I think I would have so much fun making something like this!

Seriously cute storage.  Found it at Amy Powers' inspire co. blog!

I could keep going...but I will stop here and share more when they are my own suitcases!

Wish me luck running tomorrow!  Our goal is to finish in under 2:20!


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