Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh sun...can you come out and play a little more?

Man...between working like crazy and the cruddy weather...I have not been super motivated.  But today, I had almost all day off of work, and the sun came to visit!

With my new found energy, and in hopes that the sun will stay out with us for more than just one day, (or at least hopeful that we can get done with this crazy hail, snow, rain, wind stuff) I decided to get out and plant some more vegis in the garden.  (The surprise snow we got massacred the yard and killed most all the plants in the garden.)

A while back I made these plant markers for for the garden.  Kinda hard to see, but they are awesome!  

The animals came out to play, too!  My kitty was following me throughout the yard...

And even took a seat to watch some of the chickens....

BW, the chicken, and Lacy, the cat, in a stare down.  The other 2 chickens, Killface and Ji Rou could care less.

(As you can tell...the yard is in quite a disarray....there is much yard work to do after the snow!)

And JB the dog takes in the sun over by Kiltro the chicken.  I love that all my animals get along!

Happy weekend!  Hope you are seeing a little sun, too!


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