Thursday, June 14, 2012

Visiting the raptors

We recently went to visit our local raptor center for the first time....and man, was it awesome!  I have to share some of the pics we got of the beautiful birds!

Isn't the bald eagle awesome!?

And as you can tell from this and the following pics...I love owls!  Totally going to use these as inspiration for  future crafting.

Aren't these little guys above cute?

Above is a golden eagle...they are HUGE!    Below is my favorite owl...the burrow owl!  Where I lived in Arizona, we had these little guys in the ditches, and are so cute!!

This guy below was getting fed, which was awesome to watch!

And this is a huge owl!  It was seriously like 3ft tall!  

So interesting!  I would suggest that if you have access to a raptor rescue center like this, go check it out!


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