Friday, June 1, 2012

Upcycling in the garden...

Since the chickens last massacred the garden, I have had to become more creative in my gardening.  As I mentioned a few posts ago, it has become all about containers for me.  I love letting my chickens roam free in the backyard too much, thus, I have basically sacrificed the back to the chicken gods, leaving me ornamental plants, and the few other plants that they won't eat, like rosemary, horseradish, dill, and several other herbs.  Hmmm....actually as I type this out, I think I now know what is going in the old vegi bed!  I will try an array of herbs and see what makes it through! hehe

Anyway, we recently made a trip to our local ReStore - BRING Recycling - and I found a few more fun things for my gardening.  One thing I really needed was a new trellis for my pretty-vining-pink-flower-plant (no idea what it and while we were there we found an old ladder.  Perfect!!  Doesn't matter to me that you can't use it to stand on!

I draped the vine over the new 'trellis' and then added a few shelved for potted plants!  Viola!  I absolutley love it!

I have also been going through belongings trying to think of new uses.  As you might notice above, the green waste basket has a new purpose as a planter for some yummy arugula.

The other thing I found at BRING was a few lamp fixtures shade things.  Turn them over and poof!  Instant pot!

This cute white one has holes in the 'bottom' all ready for drainage where you would attach it to the light.  Set a little piece of broken pottery in the bottom to make sure all the soil stays in, then plan in style!  Here I have a cherry tomato plant and some cilantro!  MMM!

I bought one more lamp fixture shade thing, but have yet to decide what it will have planted inside.  It is more decorative with a smaller 'mouth' so I am thinking it might be ready for some flowers.

Just remember to think outside the pot when gardening!  


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  1. I love the ladder plant stand! Upturned lamp shades for plant pots is a great idea.