Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature Fridays and sewtakeahike!

It is Friday already?!!  What happened?  Well, even though I have yet to blog about things going on in my little world, I have been loving getting to showcase other (more prolific) bloggers! So, it is time again for my new series - Feature Fridays!  

Today I want to feature Penny's blog, sewtakeahike.  Penny's blog is one of the first I started following several years ago when I had just decided to start blogging.  Her blog is gorgeous I think; well organized, nice colors and great content.  And how about that perfect name?

I am not a quilter.  I have taken a few stabs at it and found myself getting a little impatient.  BUT...there are several super inspiring things that Penny has made that make me want to give it another go.  Like...

I really think it would be fun to make a yo-yo quilt!  Penny has a yo-yo along  that tells how to make and sew together those cute little yo-yos into a whole quilt!  Below is a pic of an initial 4x4 square she made....

And I had not really seen or understood paper piecing, but man, is Penny good!  I mean, how incredibly cute are these!?

Ack!  I love them!  I wish I could go to one of her workshops.  Would be so fun!

Penny, thanks for sharing with us! If you'd like, grab my new Feature Fridays on the sidebar. :)



  1. Hi Ash,
    Thank you so much for the feature on your blog! What a sweet surprise to wake up to and read this morning!

    1. My pleasure! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness! :)