Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh, how I want to be a fiber farmer

My hubby and I have recently begun talking more seriously about finding a home of our own.  But even more specifically, a mini-farm.  It is my dream to own a small piece of land, and have a garden to sustain our food needs, and fiber animals for our craft needs!

As the conversation has become more and more serious, we have begun our research on animals.  Hubby wants goats, I want sheep and a friend of ours that might join us on this journey like llamas and alpacas.  

So...we hit a huge fiber show that comes to town once a year called the Black Sheep Gathering.  It is freaking huge!  With about 3 huge fairgrounds-sized rooms full of fiber related wares like roving, spinning wheels, drop spindles, felting supplies, and much more, and about 3 livestock areas, we were in heaven!

I, of course, forgot to take pics of anything but the animals... so here are some adorable fiber animals!


And goats!!  Ok...the goats are pretty freakin cute....I do have to give that to my man....


And the pink goat!  Isn't that weird?  The owners sold safe fiber dyes and they showed it off by dying a whole goat!

Yuppers....I want to be a fiber farmer something bad!


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