Friday, December 28, 2012

Feature Fridays and....Tales and Trials of Mrs. P!

Whoops!  I went M.I.A. again!  But hey, the holidays kicked my butt.  I worked really hard on gifts for friends and family and then we traveled through crazy weather conditions to see family and then drove back!  What a whirlwind!  But more on the holidays later.  

Right now I am excited to present this week's Feature Fridays blog, Tales and Trials of Mrs. P!  The blog is written by a friend of mine, Laura, aka, Mrs. P.  She has a fun blog talking about life with a young child, being a busy professional, and then, of course, her creative side.  Food, crafts and decorating! 

For example, she recently took upon herself to make her daughter a freakin' awesome 1st birthday gift.  I mean, this is something I totally wish I'd had as a kid...a teepee!  It came out pretty adorable...

How fun would it have been as a little girl to curl up in the little teepee to play or read?  Check out her blog post about her teepee and living room here.

And how about this adorable baby costume for Halloween?   Little dinosaur baby!

She also posts lots of great recipes.  We both love to make sure our family is eating healthy but still make delicious foods, so I like to see the recipes she shares.  Like this one - pasta with italian sausage and vegetables.

I actually don't eat meat, but I think this would rock with a meat substitute if you are also vegi....looks so good!

So go check her blog out and say hello.  As I mentioned earlier, it is fun to see what she and her adorable family are up to, and get some great ideas for around your house, as well.

Happy Friday (and happy almost New Year!)


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