Monday, December 17, 2012

Retro yarn wreath...

I do love the holidays, but I can only decorate so much.   I am not the best decorator ever, but I did do a little this year.

One of the things I had to try was a yarn wreath that I'd seen inspiration for somewhere a while back online.  I have a ton of small scrap balls sitting around the house, and desperately needed a reason to use them.  

So, I took an old wire hanger and stretched it back out to a circle and then actually skewered the balls all the way around.  SO EASY!  I felt like it was kinda retro looking, and was a fun and quick scrap busting project for sure!  I took a little funky white skein that was too old and delicate to really use anymore to make a 'bow' at the bottom.

Then just added a ribbon to the top and hung 'er up.  (Upon closer look of this pic, looks like I need to secure the red ball a bit better...hehe.)

I love seeing the wreaths that people make this time of year.  

Hope your holiday season is going great!


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