Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Antiquing in Coburg, Oregon

Recently we made a mini-trip out to a neighboring tiny city, Coburg, Oregon.  They have many cute little antique shops there, and I had to share some of the things I found to be extra interesting.

Ok...this was something I really had to tell myself that I did not need.  But I totally had this colorfoms playset as a kid!  Sometimes I wish I'd held onto things like this...but then again I might have become a hoarder if I had.

I just loved this set.  With things coming in disposable containers now, we rarely put up things like oil and vinegar in a nice container.  I am still contemplating this set, as I am trying harder to purchase things in bulk and cut down on my footprint on the earth.

And speaking of throwing things away now...check this out!  These were so interesting to me!  They are little metal disks that you put over holes in your pots and pans so you could fix them, rather than toss them. 

Hmmm...I think I have a theme here.  I mean, who saves old cardboard items?  Yet I was all about these.  The strawberry containers were covered in wax to keep them stiff and sterile.  I love the retro look.  And the egg container...would be perfect for my girls' eggs!

Hope you are getting out and enjoying new (and old) things this summer!


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