Monday, August 20, 2012

Much needed holiday

Yup...I missed the last Feature Friday.  BUT....I think I have a good excuse!  I was on the road for a much needed holiday.  It was an awesome, yet crazy, road trip with friends to San Fran then Reno and back.

It was kind of one of those trips where you are going non-stop.  But man, did we pack in the fun!

Gotta love the San Fran architecture.  Took lots of fun pics of cute houses!

And look at my fun new ring! hehehehe

We made our way to the Ferry Building...which is seriously awesome.  Great food, fun atmosphere.  If you go to San Fran, go there!  

Then the next day we made our way to Pier 39.  What a fun place!  I think I had been there when I was younger, but so fun as an adult!

And probably THE highlight of the trip was when my hubby got pulled onto the little stage to be the 'ventriloquist dummy'!  Oh....we about died from laughter!

Hubby also got some really cool shots of Alcatraz from the pay-to-view contraptions.

We did not make it on the tour this time, but we all decided we'd figure it out next time for sure!

Then we had to go see the sea lions.  This guys was hanging all alone.

And then we went to the....

Yup, I got a pic with Obama and Clinton. Look at them pose to be in a pic with me.

I love Cleopatra.  I was pretty amazed at how good these wax sculptures are!

My friend and I saw Nixon, too. 

The boy pharaoh.

After a trip to SF filled to the brim with activities, we bid the city goodbye and hit the road again, this time to go check out Reno, NV.

We decided to stay on the cheap at the Sands, which was awesomely retro!  Check out Mel's, where we had our first meal in Reno.

Apparently, I did not get as many pics in Reno, though.  I was kind of surprised at how many places have closed down since we last visited, about 7 or 8 years ago.  It is a fun 'little' city, but has def seen better days.

Saturday, we went to see my parents in Clio.  You may remember the cute little tiny town with this funny little sign from an earlier cute!  And pretty relaxing with yummy, homemade food!

Finally, we hit the pool for a few hours to get our sun fix, and we packed up and started for home.  I have to say, that I really do kind of miss the desert.  Growing up in AZ made me appreciate the warmth, sun, and the sparse, yet impressive scenery.

We made it home safe and sound at about 1am.  Whew!  Next time, we add a day or two of down time before going back to work, though!  Today was a little rough!

Hope you have had a chance to go adventure this summer!


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