Saturday, January 5, 2013

Feature Fridays presents My Sister's Suitcase!

Ok, first, let's just pretend it is still Friday.  I have realized that I have to set a reoccurring time on my calendar that will remind me it is Feature Friday time!  Silly me!

But nonetheless, I have a great blog to feature this week, so a day late or not, I want to tell you about My Sister's Suitcase!  I love this blog, and I love the premise of it.  It is a blog for two sisters, Nat and Holly, who live far from each other, but love to craft and get inspiration from one another.  So sweet!

Their blog is kinda a big deal.  I mean, they have some serious followers, and have put a lot of time into their blog, and it def shows!  I aspire to someday be as big as them!  And from my perspective, a lot of it has to do with their awesome creative crafts that they share.

First, you know how much I love upcycled crafts.  Well...check out this adorable apron made from a shopping bag!   

That is pretty ingenious!  I have a few of these that are kinda on the edge of usable now, or need a little help...might be time for them to get a cool new life!

They also have a special Friday segment they do on their blog, which is $5 Fridays.  Seriously super cute items that they find cheap and make better.  For example, this lamp into a flower vase.  I am impressed that they saw the potential in this funky old lamp!

And if you go to My Sister's Suitcase Project Gallery, you will find all their projects laid out in a super organized fashion.  Like their cute series on decorating their mantle.  I love their spring mantle!

So go check out My Sister's Suitcase and tell them hello!  

Happy Fri....err....Saturday! ;)


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