Friday, January 11, 2013

Feature Fridays...Two Men and a Little Farm

This is one of those blogs that I follow partially because I love the fun little things they post, and partially because I want their life! Two Men and a Little Farm is a sweet blog that details the life of two people who grew up and work in the city, but long for a more quiet and sustainable life.  (Hmmm.....sounds so familiar to me...)  So they bought a little farm, Seda Bolsa Farm, and they document their ups and downs and share it for us to take part in it.

One of the things I love is that every Thursday they feature something that is inspiring for their farm.  Two Thursdays ago they put up this awesome adobe oven that they found from  

Or...even more of an inspiration to me....this awesome garden shed and pond.  I want!

And the commentary on why they see them as inspiration is just as fun as the pics.

They also have some seriously great recipes, many of which I still need to try.  They have a whole page of recipes here....

I really wanna try the Roasted Chickpeas recipe...

And the biggest thing I love is reading about and seeing their little farm.  I am in love with the idea of soon owning my own little farm, and I have def enjoyed seeing the things they have had the pleasure and pain of going through on their little farm.

So go check it out, laugh at their wonderful humor and funnies that they find and share, and learn a few little fun things about their journey to their little farm.

And happy Friday!


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