Friday, February 8, 2013

Feature Fridays and Jane's Apron

I have admittedly been spending way too much time on Pinterest and Craftgawker.  I have this funny routine where I check both of them after work to see what is new, and sometime I look at Pinterest in the morn while still waking up.  But, I am justifying it today by the fact that I have come upon some great new blogs to share with you all.  One of which is Jane's Apron.  

I have been on a serious vintage kick as of late.  Loving the 'glamping' style, my 70's dishes, and just a different time.  While peeking at fun stuff like this, I found Jane's Apron, which is just a fun, vintage sewing inspired blog.

I love all the vintage fashion, sewing related things she finds and makes on this blog.  The thing that first got me on her blog was a how to on printing onto tags.  I am planning on doing some of this for my etsy biz, and I wanted to see how she did it.  And the images she chose are also adorable!  

I also like this sweet and simple journal that she made.  The papers that she has found are too cute!

Such a cute idea.  I need to make one for me!

AND...I have been wanting to do this forever and I am even more inspired now....check out these super cute clipboards!

LOVE!  I have so many vintage patters that I could make color copies of or just take the pics from and use to make something like this.

And of course, she also shares her thrift shop finds.  I love these mugs that she found...

So go check out her fun blog, click around and get some vintage inspiration for your weekend.

Happy Friday!


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