Monday, February 8, 2010


I realized when I was visiting Lola Nova that I had not posted any photos of my chickens!  Here is a timeline of my girls...I love them!!

These were the girls as babies!  Sooo cute!

Here are some photos of me building the chicken coop :)

Teenage chickens watching me build their coop.

My dog, J.B., checking out the girls.

Two walls!

And two more!

Tada!  Well not totally done in this photo, but close.

The teens checking out their new home.

And a more recent photo of the girls. The yellow Buff Orpington) is B.W., the Rhode Island Red is Peeper Planes, and the Black Sex Link is Xiao Ting.

My dog is soo good.  He and the girls can hang out together. :D

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