Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally posting! Looong but eventful week

The past week was crazy, but very eventful as well.  Here are the highlights:

Monday - Saw a random giant stuffed bear on the hood of a postal van.  When I walked back by it was gone...but it made me stop and smile.  I didn't get a pic tho...

Monday eve- I volunteer with a environmentally mined political group and we interviewed some of the people who are running for our county's commission seat to see who we would endorse.  It is really interesting!

Tuesday eve - My honey bought me a dishwasher!  I have been wanting one forever and we had a little extra from taxes to buy one.  We got it at Best Buy - the people there were sooo nice and helpful (and we got points... :)  Here is the pic....

Wednesday eve - Went grocery shopping with my hubby and sister, and after got side-tracked and stopped by the Hollywood Video that is going out of biz.  I found (and am super excited about!!) the first 2 seasons of this show that I loved called "The Pretender" which premiered in 1996. 

Thursday eve- I went running with my friend and I managed to run the furthest I have so far....drumroll.....5.3 miles!!  I was sooo excited! (And so sore the next day!)

Friday - I came across another randomly placed stuffed animal.  Maybe it was just a coincidence....but I like to think that someone is placing stuffed animals around for people like me to come across. I got a pic of this one.  I love koalas!

Later Friday - I got the opportunity to speak on a panel about how to help the environmentally friendly elected official.  This was at a huge Enviro Law conference they do here.  It is always nerve-wracking for me to speak publicly, but I am always glad that I did (whether or not I think I sound awful :P )

Here I am on the panel.  Not the best pic, but I am the one with the animated arms and white shirt:

Even later Friday - Went out with friends, and had a blast!

Saturday - Went running with my friend again (this time slightly incapacitated due to the previous night's shenanigans) and was able to make it 5.25 miles.  Not too shabby!  And my friend and I came up with my challenge for running.  It will be in another post. 

The rest of the day on Saturday was spent enjoying the gorgeous weather.  I am pretty sure it should not have been as nice as it was in late February, (and they say climate change is a but I took advantage of it.  I worked on getting my new garden bed set up (almost there) and on trying to tame the invasive species of blackberry brambles.  They tried to get the best of me, but I won!

Then we met back up with friends and went out on the town.  Had a great time and saw some other friends!

Today - I plan on installing my new dishwasher.  I bought myself a jigsaw yesterday (also very exciting to me) and can now install the dishwasher and work on other little projects.  Maybe I will finish the garden beds, too!

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Hi Ash, I typed you out a long comment and it disappeared when I went to look up a url for the toys that you keep finding. Anyways, it may be from this site:
    They drop toys all over the world. Most are homemade though. Yours seems to be factory with a little personal touch.

    I was telling you that my three children are going to be in a marathon in May also. My son is an expert marathon runner but the first one for the girls. He is in the Army and has kept very fit. They are training very single day. Love the idea of running 100 miles a month. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Cathy! I wish I could say that I was training everyday, but I am getting closer!

    And I will check out that site! I wonder if that is what it is! :)